05. Wheels and battery attachment and the first test drive!

After collecting the item and creating “modules” from the excavator toy I started combining them to the wooden stick core. Original idea was to screw it but zip ties turned out to be much easier and better option. Battery pack:

To attach the wheels, which had irregular black housings, I cut and added additional piece of wood:

When I had these ready I soldered wheels before fixing them onto construction and got the following:

And eventually attached the wheels using zip ties and adding some screws to keep them firmly in place:

At this point I figured I kept forgetting where is the front/back and left/right side of the mechanism so I written initial on the bottom of the stick for the directions (P=right).

At this point I really wanted to do the first drive so… Using rubber bands, I attached temporarily plastic spoons to keep it in the upright position and went for it!

I was really surprised that it was working quite fine from the very beginning and the plastic spoons were actually a very decent idea as they are smooth and slide nicely and also, as these are from thin plastic, give some level of suspension.