01. The first idea

This webpage is going to be a record of all the steps I took to build my own, “alive” replica of the Star Wars’ BB-8 droid.

I was inspired by the DIY BB-8 video on YouTube by Techbuilder:

The tricky part is that I am not an engineer and I do not have any background in electronics – just some general knowledge that any random guy has.

It took me a while to figure out my general idea for the design and eventually I figured the easiest way to create my BB-8 is to buy hollow Styrofoam balls (30cm body and 20cm head) and for the mechanism use some engines and remote from an RC-toy. I got the RC-excavator with 4 engines for ~$20 while all Arduino components would be much more expensive, also, I have no background in electronics/programming so it would not be that much fun with Arduino anyway as I would have to use complete solutions downloaded from the Internet. I want to have this as “personal” as I can :)

As I had a lot of work at the time when I got impressed about the general idea, it took a while to eventually start collecting the elements and actually starting building something.

In the beginning I was looking for a paper ball but I could not find any so I searched for styrofoam ones and I found them in an online shop with decorative materials. They also had a very nice hollow, transparent 60mm christmas tree balls which I will use for the “eye” of BB-8. I know most people do the paper mache ball based on the beach ball but I see that in most cases they are not perfectly spherical – I did not like it and wanted to go with another solution.

I guess this would be enough for the starters. More info and pictures to come in next posts :)