04. RC excavator toy disintegration

Once I got my hands on the toy I just played with it a little and then started the process of shredding it into pieces.

After a while I had following components:

Battery pack, which I will use with rechargeable AA batteries:

Base for the head rotation magnet platform – I will cut off only the round mechanism and base for the engine so it can fit nicely into the sphere just under the head dome:

The top of that part I already cut off the base of the toy. You can also see the original wheels for the caterpillar drive mechanism (without engines and main wheels):

Wheels were bare yellow plastic with sharp “teeth” like in a cogwheel so, as not to scratch the inside of the styrofoam ball, I cut and glued pieces of the soft rubber from caterpillar around them:

I had to unsolder wheels as the cables were running inside of the rotation mechanism of the cabin. To make sure I do not mix the cabling I made notes with a pencil on the engines with colors (Y=yellow, B=blue, etc.).

And finally, the “heart” of the toy – you can see the metal rectangular antenna, lightning (which was not needed so I left only one LED to know if its powered on), engine for the rotation, another engine for the shovel (also removed as not needed) and cabling for the battery pack and base engines:

Of course, I want to make the replica as close to original as possible so eventually there WILL BE lightning in the body and in the head but these will be organized independently from the movement mechanism.