15. Printed dome

Thanks to a friend who borrowed me a 3d Prusa i3 (it actually is Jelwek i3 which is a copy of Prusa) printer I was able to print the dome.

I used the models created by the BB-8 Builder’s Club (you can find them on facebook) but I had to scale it. I compared the size of the original 506mm body to my 300mm body and figured its 59% (with fractions but 3d Slicer application can scale only with integers).

The printer:

And the results:

I only got problem with the base layers which are melting and I think there is too much filament extruded – maybe the height of the first layer is too low? I will need to check it out and print the “pie panel” again as it is unacceptable at the moment:

It is not only too much melted plastic but also the edge is curling up.

Now it time for some sanding and smoothing.

After that probably glueing the thing together (top and bottom part separately so I have better access to the dome to install the lights.

Also, when done with white parts I’ll print the lenses with black filament.