14. First painting tries…

Having quite ready mechanisms (more info in upcoming note) I decided to start working on the appearance.

First thing to be done is to make the styrofoam balls more durable and smooth it looks nice and realistic when the paint is applied.

I decided to go with a putty/filler in spray. I bought 4 spray cans and tested on the spare dome:

And as you can see – IT SUCKS! I didn’t check before that the spray had acetone and basically melts the styrofoam so now it looks like face of Deadpool…

I could not get ANY primer for styrofoam or plastic but I found paint which is supposed to be applied directly on styrofoam – I though this could be used as primer but as you can see it made it even worse. Paint applied:

And putty applied:

Absolutely unacceptable.

This has destroyed my motivation for few days…

I finally came up with the idea that other people are using when creating the ball from scratch and paper. I cover the ball with paper strips:

And applied thin layer of the filler:

Finally it does not destroy the ball and is smooth.

Strips can be seen here but this was quite thick paper and thin putty layer. I hope that if I use thinner paper and apply few layers of the putty the strips should not be visible.


Also! I got really good and exciting news as my friend is willing to lend me a 3d printer so I’ll be able to get nice prints of the lenses :)