11. Rotating magnet platform

Head platform will be attached to the sphere using magnets (situated under the head and on small platform inside the ball body).

Tricky part was to have these magnets at the right height – too high and these would touch the top of the sphere, too low and the magnet attraction would be too low to keep the head in place.

So to have the right length I put the device inside and draw a line on the stick at the level of the body’s half:

Then I put it upside-down and tried to find how high the magnets should be situated. It seems that this block of styrofoam had the right height:

I started carving the platform for magnets and attaching screws which would be used to position the platform at the right place:

Unfortunately – the screws were too short. I changed it to the styrofoam block instead:

It was a little to high so I cut it – also, I made the holes for the screws so it is kept nicely in place.

Finally – the internal mechanism is fixed…


I do not have a video of this but when I turn it on, close the body and attach the magnets on the outside and move, and try moving – the insides just fall front or back – the top part of the mechanisms has become too heavy. There is no way that this is going to work with the head attached and the bottom base is so stuffed that there is no space for adding additional weight.

Some radical changed will need to be done…