10. Speaker and sounds

One of the cute things the real BB-8 is doing are the sounds.

To give voice to my version I bought cheap Chinese speaker, got an unused microSD card from a friend and loaded BB-8 sounds which were shared by BB-8 Builders Club

The sounds are AMAZING! Maybe I am biased as the creator but I think it sounds even better than in the movie!

I attached the speaker inside of the body – as long as it is just styrofoam it sounds ok, I am just a little bit worried that when I also cover it with putty and paint the sound may get stuck inside and never go out… In that case I will need to move the speaker to the head which will have an opening hole on the bottom and which will let the sound waves to flow freely.

As this was about to be the ending part of the “insides” I also glued the power switch to finally keep it in on place and put the power indicator light in place under the zip-tie so it doesn’t dangle anymore:

The only thing left is to attach the magnets on top and once the head is ready to be attached – work on the balancing and adding additional weight.