07. Rollers instead of sliding spoons

I knew I needed some roller balls for the “head platform” to slide nicely when the body moves so I ordered (as seen in some people’s  solutions at BB-8 Builders Club) the following massage “hand”:

It is way cheaper than buying separate roller balls. After some cutting I separated them:

For the head platform I am going to need just 3-4 balls so I was left with 5-6 more. They are rolling so nice and smooth that I decided to replace the current “temporary spoon stabilization mechanism” with them.

All I had to do was to measure and cut the bases from thick styrofoam and attach the rollers:

Too bad I don’t have more pics but it was quite simple and quick. I just glued the rollers to white bases, then again checked if the distances were ok and then glued them to the core of the mechanism (between the engines and to the battery pack flap.